Meet our Pastor

Pastor Daniel's story with Compass Fellowship Church began in 1983 when he entered Berkeley eager to experience college life for all its worth.   Fortunately for him (and us), as a freshman, he began attending Berkland Baptist Church in Berkeley where soon thereafter he met and committed his life to Jesus.  As a student and as a working adult, Pastor Daniel served in the BBC Churches in Berkeley and LA., and in 1998, Pastor Daniel, his wife, Mona, and their two children, Nicholas and Rebekah, answered God's call and came to New York to lead the body of Christ at Compass Fellowship Church.

A lawyer by training, Pastor Daniel used to enter the courtroom with the desire to crush every fallacious argument.   But now, he enters every encounter armed with a Master of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary, a history of personal and shared experiences of what it means to live out a responsible, powerful and concrete Christian life in the context of the body of the desire to crush every fallacious argument.   Motivated to help others meet the Jesus who changed his life, Pastor Daniel is a man on a mission.

Mona is a superhero who teaches high school math 8 hours a day and who teaches about life the other 16.  A friend, counselor and spiritual mother to many, Mona is to Pastor Daniel what Arwen is to Aragorn, what Elastigirl is to Mr. Incredible, an indispensable co-leader in Compass Fellowship Church-NY's adventure of faith. She doesn't wear a cape, but that's only because it would slow her down.

New Yorkers to the core (ever since they arrived from California, parked their Corolla on Columbus Ave and went back a few hours later to find it "borrowed"), they are fearless and tireless in their desire to help others experience how wonderful Christianity is.   Together, Pastor Daniel and Mona desire to share their lives, their experiences, and most of all their relationship with Jesus.